Doug Roth was a student at the University of California Santa Barbara. An avid and accomplished surfer he had ventured north from the golden beaches of Los Angeles and Orange Counties for his experience at higher education. “Surfer Magazine” in 1965 mentions Doug Roth as one of the newcomers to Campus from the South Bay. 

In September 1962 Roth rented a carport at 5830 Gaviota Street from the Moreno family. He put up siding and began a surfboard repair business called Surf House. Within a year the operation had expanded to encompass the entire property and together with 2 college buddies Doug Roth Surfboards Goleta California was launched.

The short but prolific history of the enterprise has been well documented elsewhere. From his facility on Gaviota Street he and his crew created the only surfboards made in Goleta.

Like the Yater and White Owl shops in Summerland the permeations of hot resin hit you as soon as you turned onto the block. From his location on an obscure side street Doug Roth was doing his part creating Goleta’s hometown surfboards.

John Lessing

John Lessing Continues the Tradition

John Lessing has been shaping surfboards since 1965 and is part of the legendary 1960s Southern California surfing community. With a new line of surfboards, he is honoring the Doug Roth legacy and Goleta’s rich history of surfing.

LuLu’s Surfboards

LuLu’s was named after a close family member and the boards offer the same quality and craftsmanship that have gone into Doug Roth Surfboards for almost 60 years.